Cockatoo Software

How we can serve you

Who we work with

We typically assist small to medium-sized businesses by providing customised business software.

In some cases, the small businesses we assist do not have in-house computer software skills. Other organisations utilise Cockatoo Software’s expertise to support their own Information Technology staff.

Read on to find out more about the sorts of customised services we can provide.

What we do

You’ll see from the list of services that our forté is software development, whether it is building or maintaining web applications with Ruby on Rails, content management systems or integrating disparate applications.

However, our services are not limited to building software. Perhaps you need an independent review of an existing application. Alternatively, you may benefit from our project management expertise.

Whichever service we provide, we will focus on helping you solve your business problems. Part of our philosophy is placing people before technology.

Please read through our services to learn more, or contact us to explain your problem to us so that we can propose a solution.