Cockatoo Software


Our Philosophy

At Cockatoo Software we believe that good software provides benefits to people. Good software developers strive to collaborate with others to create better software that enables people to make better use of their time. These simple principles underpin our approach to agile software development.

Our aim is to work closely with you, ensuring a successful relationship. We help you and your business by creating software to eliminate pain points.

To develop your software, we work with you to identify your list of requirements. We help you prioritise and select a subset of features that can be delivered within a short time frame – typically, in under one month.

Using wireframes and prototypes at the planning stage is important for clarifying the intended design and purpose of the software and is vital for creating a system that works, and works well, as soon as possible. An early release is also important. It is when you can test the software yourself, that you begin to form a clear, detailed view of how the system should work.

Once that first feature set is delivered and tested, the next subset is chosen and building begins again. Our method is to release early and often until you decide your system is complete.

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