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Contributing to The Conversation

Published on 13 September, 2015 by Keith Pitty

Since late June, I have been contributing to the maintenance and development of a wonderful media site that, as its tagline says, combines academic rigour with journalistic flair.

That site is The Conversation.

From a reader’s perspective, I think The Conversation offers a unique opportunity to be informed by authors who are experts in their field. It’s a refreshing change from much of what passes for journalism these days.

I feel fortunate to be part of a small team which has a nice blend of youth and experience as well as a good mixture of skills. We collaborate on an application which is a specialized Content Management System supported by technologies such as Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and JavaScript. Given that the main application is almost 5 years old and has had more than 40,000 commits in Git, I guess it’s fair to characterise it as a legacy application. Having said that, so far I haven’t encountered too much code that impedes change.

Since I joined the team, our main focus has been on preparing the application to support the launch of The Conversation into a new region. Following its success in Australia, The Conversation has spread to the UK, USA and Africa. Soon it will be launched in a non-English speaking region for the first time!

So far I’ve thoroughly enjoyed contributing to The Conversation’s technology team. I look forward to the challenges ahead.

Keith Pitty is the owner of Cockatoo Software Pty Limited. He has over 30 years of professional software development experience and has a passion for providing software solutions that help people. Away from computers he loves sport, especially cricket, golf and Australian Rules football.