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Published on 10 June, 2013 by Keith Pitty

In the realm of Content Management Systems, there are many technology choices available. This article aims to introduce those who may need a CMS to the strengths of Cockatoo Software’s tool of choice, RefineryCMS.

Backed by a strong Open Source Community

For us, the fact that RefineryCMS is based on Ruby on Rails, an open source web framework, is undoubtedly a strength. Using a CMS almost always involves customisation so naturally we prefer to work with a tool that we specialise in.

Also of importance is that RefineryCMS is backed by an active open source community. Whenever we have encountered a problem that we couldn’t solve by browsing the source code or guides, prompt help has been available via the Google group or IRC channel.

Easy for Site Administrators

RefineryCMS Admin

The RefineryCMS admin interface enables site administrators to easily update content. Page updates, news items, blog posts and photo uploads are just some of the administrative functions that are straight-forward to achieve with the intuitive interface that RefineryCMS provides.

Excellent support for Customisation

RefineryCMS provides strong support for adding site features via extensions that are known as engines. Examples that we have used include the blog, news, inquiries and search extensions.

When it comes to applying a web design, the way RefineryCMS facilitates overriding views is one area where it shines. Those familiar with the Rails MVC architecture will also appreciate the way that decorators can be used to extend controllers and models.

Still more powerful customisation to a RefineryCMS site is achievable via generating a custom extension. Another factor to bear in mind is that, due to the fact that RefineryCMS is provided as a Rails engine, it can be incorporated into an existing Rails application.

In Summary

A powerful Content Management System that provides many tools for customisation, RefineryCMS is well supported by an active open source community. At Cockatoo Software we continue to be impressed by what we can achieve with it for our customers.

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Keith Pitty is the owner of Cockatoo Software Pty Limited. He has over 30 years of professional software development experience and has a passion for providing software solutions that help people. Away from computers he loves sport, especially cricket, golf and Australian Rules football.